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About Lara


In 2018, Professional Makeup Artist Lara Gabrielle received her international certification in Beauty, Airbrush, Studio, and High Fashion makeup from the “Harvard” of makeup schools: Makeup Designory Manila.

As a makeup artist, Lara is known to be very detail-oriented and well-organized. She ensures that all her tools are completely sanitized and in order. She takes time in analyzing her clients’ facial features as well so that she could bring out the best in them. For her, it is through understanding what her client needs, and listening to what her client wants, that she is able to do her craft well.

Indeed, nothing gives Lara more joy and pride than finally witnessing her clients’ delight after bringing their beauty to the limelight.

The Beautiful Journey

Having grown up with her grandparents, Lara met her biggest role models and art influences at an early age. Her creative and close-knit family engraved such a huge impact on her that she found herself falling in love with art as early as her formative years.

But it wasn’t until she entered college that she realized her one true passion.

Back in 2012, Lara enrolled in De La Salle University with a dream of pursuing a degree in Finance (yes, she also has an eye for numbers!). But as months passed by, she felt that her heart belonged to something else: makeup. At first, it started out with just a few friends who needed someone to do their makeup. With just her self-taught skills and innate creativity, she decided to give it a try– and the rest, as they say, is history.

After 4 fruitful years in the University, she graduated not only with a diploma and medal but also a renewed passion for art in the form of makeup. Since then, she hasn’t stopped learning and improving her craft– deeply committed to creating one masterpiece after another.

“Makeup artistry is a constant appreciation of a person’s beauty, which you bring in the limelight through your craft.”





“Her attention to detail is what sets apart from all the rest. This MUA impressed me the most with her organizational and cleanliness system, it made me secure that I was well taken cared of. Her understanding of different skin types, color theories, and her tastes are what makes her very good at what she does! I am planning to recommend her to everyone I know and so should you!”

Lei Bhagwani


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will definitely be my go-to make-up artist! I really appreciate her OC-ness, her eye-makeup style and her skincare tips! Also, I’m quite picky when it comes to lippies but she really has a good eye on what looks good on you. I ended up asking her what product it is. And lastly, I really appreciate that

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writing services she has products that are hypoallergenic since one of my friends really has sensitive skin. Thank you again, Lara!

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research paper writer Til our next session!”

Kirsta Camille

“Lara did a great job with my makeup. I love the fact that Lara uses non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic products because I have reeeeeeaaallly sensitive skin due to my eczema.
Lara is very friendly and has a light aura. You can easily get along with her. Thank you again, Lara! I would definitely ask her again

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to do my makeup when I need one.”

Whitney Dela Cruz Abar

“Lara is friendly and accommodating. She took time to know my make up preference.
I love her make up style and the look that she did on me. Will definitely recommend her.”

Corinna Bejar Trajano

“Her attention to detail is impeccable!!!!!!”

Jyl Buñag

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